Making Long Distance Love Last: Sexting, Webcams and More

While long distance love may make for lonely nights and the need to keep a few extra batteries on hand in the nightstand, living and loving from a distance is a common arrangement in the modern, globalized world. As more people connect through online dating, new relationships are often separated by hundreds of miles from the onset. And though the distance may prove challenging at times, smart…
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Add a Little Drama with a Set of Falsies

By Samantha Fayman Whenever you want to add a little glam or drama to your look there is no better way than a set of falsies – they widen and enlarge the appearance of the eye and create a focal point for your face.  The challenge with false lashes is applying them.  Most people just aren’t comfortable doing that on themselves.  And don’t fret; this is a challenge even for…
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Social Commentary

The Great Pubic Debate: Hair or Bare

A couple of weeks ago, a close male friend suggested we do a piece on pubic hair. Yes: pubic hair or lack thereof. Because there have been quiet discussions and lively debates between the boys on boys night;  women with their hair stylists, BFFs, and over cosmopolitans. Also a week prior to his suggestion a female friend spoke of the vajazel she had tried on her vajayjay; that’s when you glam…
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