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Sexual Harassment in the Office for Dummies

By Lisa Chin Quee

The power of women; when we come together it can be extraordinary. The fact that influential men are now losing their jobs/status (in record numbers) for sexual harassment is undeniable proof.  Women all over need to take a minute to let that sink in. Let it soak into the deepest crevices of your mind. And then there it is… an  aha moment, when you feel a sense of personal power growing inside.

Yes,  2017/2018 women have made it perfectly clear that they are not to be ignored.  What dumbfounds me are glib comments that in some way, shape or form, allude to men not being able to compliment a woman at work, or even speak to a woman.  I’ve worked with kind, respectable men who have done just fine maneuvering the office and female colleagues in the boardroom. For those who don’t have a clue, here’s a good guideline to follow.

If you wouldn’t do or say it to your grandmother, mother, aunty, sister, daughter or niece – DO NOT –  say or do it to your colleague.

It’s. That. Easy


Listen to the audio version of this post below.

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