Pineapple: The Symbol of Hospitality

By Sabrena Salahudeen

This household symbol of hospitality has many medicinal effects on the body. Although it has a cooling effect on the body, the bromelain enzyme it contains helps to aid digestion of starches and protein. What many people aren’t aware of, is its ability to destroy intestinal parasites and assimilate foreign germs in our respiratory tissues when eaten raw on its own. Raw, freshly pressed pineapple juice, without additives, works on chronic bronchitis and calms sore throats as well. Pineapples are an excellent source of manganese required for enzyme production within the body for metabolic and digestive enzyme divisions.

It’s best to eat pineapples when ripe, as overripe pineapples are too acidic and should not be eaten. Their ripe period lasts a day or two before becoming inedible, so its best to consume if the pineapple smells sweet, especially at the base and feels firm when squeezed. Pineapples do not store starch, therefore it doesn’t become sweeter once picked. It becomes less acidic the longer it remains at room temperature. Store pineapples upside down for a day before cutting it so that the concentration of sugar at the base filters to the stem end. Springtime is the peak period for this golden fruit. When eating pineapples, broiling it brings out a layered flavor. Bromelain enzymatic activity make this delicious food unable to retain water and so it acts more as a meat tenderizer. It cannot sit in fruit salad because the salad would become soggy. Fresh pineapple can sit on yogurt and ice cream. Once cooked or canned, the bromelain is deactivated and can be used in many dishes.


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