Add a Little Drama with a Set of Falsies

By Samantha Fayman

Whenever you want to add a little glam or drama to your look there is no better way than a set of falsies – they widen and enlarge the appearance of the eye and create a focal point for your face.  The challenge with false lashes is applying them.  Most people just aren’t comfortable doing that on themselves.  And don’t fret; this is a challenge even for professionals!   As a professional makeup artist applying false lashes on myself is the thing I dislike most about doing my makeup.  But like the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.  So don’t be afraid to experiment and have some fun.

Lash & Glue Product Talk:

Truly you do not need to spend a small fortune. There are several brands of lashes available in the drug stores that you can get that are inexpensive and great for practicing and trial runs, however I personally do have a preference to MAC lashes.  They are a little bit more expensive but in this instance I believe you get what you pay for.  They are handmade and top quality and are a bit heavier feeling but as a result they adhere to the lash line much easier because they aren’t as flimsy.

When choosing your lashes you want to take into consideration your natural lash length.  If you are going for a natural look and you don’t have very full lashes to begin with then you wouldn’t want to get very long dramatic lashes. However if you are going for drama then go big or go home, enjoy it and have fun with it.

In terms of glue, my favorite is DUO Surgical Adhesive.  It stays on but also doesn’t take any lashes with it when taking off lashes.   This can be purchased at MAC, beauty supply stores and various drug stores.

Tools you will need to have:

Eyelash curler


Set of lashes


Liquid or gel eyeliner (and angled brush)

Eyebrow scissors


Lash comb

Inexpensive synthetic eyeliner brush

Step 1:

Carefully remove lashes from the container using tweezers.  You will need to measure the false lash to your eye, in some instances you will need to trim the false lashes to fit. If so use eyebrow scissors and carefully trim from the outside longest portion and only do a tiny bit at a time.

Step 2:

Curl your natural lashes using a lash curler. This will help to mimic the look of the false lashes.

Step 3:

Apply your eye makeup as usual and apply a line of black liquid or gel eyeliner to the top lash line. Make this line a bit thicker than usual; this is so that it will disguise where the false and natural lash lines meet.

Step 4:

Apply mascara to natural lashes.  If you want to re-use the lashes then it is better to only apply mascara to your natural lashes.

Step 5:

Here is a tip that I picked up from MAC makeup artist Victor – to help the lashes blend in with your natural lash line you can blacken the lash band of the falsies with your liquid or gel liner.

Step 6:

Now it is time to apply the glue. Apply a line of glue to the outside of your lash container and then finish your blush and bronzer and by the time you have done that your glue is getting tacky; which is the consistency that you want when you are ready to apply the lashes as it helps them adhere.  If you decide to just apply the glue first then you will need to wait at least 15 seconds for it to get tacky, please do not blow on them especially if you will be applying them to someone else.  When applying the glue to the lashes less is more, you don’t need to over do it but remember to be a bit more generous on the outer and inner corners as those are the areas that will tend to lift.  Once you have glue on the lashes hold the lashes in a bent position to form an arch shape to help get the lashes ready.

Step 7:

You can use tweezers or your fingers to apply the false lashes.  Start by laying down the center first and then securing the ends doing the outer edge first over to the inner edge.  You can use the end of a makeup brush to push down the lashes to get them as close to the lash line as possible or use your thumb and index fingers to press them together.  Another tip is you could use the curved part of a lash comb to press down into the lash line.  Just be sure to use one of these techniques prior to the lash glue drying.

Step 8:

The glue will be clear once it has completely dried.  At this point you can fluff up your lashes for a flirtier look or you can fluff them downward to achieve a more sultry look.  If you find that there is any lifting you can apply a little bit of glue to the end of a cheap synthetic eyeliner brush and place it on the area that is lifting.  Then use the back of the brush to press it in place.


When removing lashes use pre-moistened makeup wipes such as Yes To Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes which are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart – I place the towelette on my lids and hold in place to help dissolve or moisten the glue to make it easier to remove the lashes.  You never want to pull them off, just lightly lift them as you go to ensure that you don’t damage or remove any of your natural lashes.  Once they are off use a regular makeup remover to get rid of any other residue.

Samantha Fayman

So bat those beautiful eyes and until next time, stay fabulous!

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