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The Greatest Story Never Told – Inspired by JLo


If you are a woman who has faced challenges – launched a business, worked your way up the corporate ladder, tried to do something different, has been underestimated, juggled family time – or you desperately need some inspiration, then, The Greatest Story Never Told is for you.

It’s been about a month since JLo’s movie This is Me … Now came out. I watched it. You should know, upfront:  I love JLo. She’s beautiful yes, and who doesn’t want the JLo glow? But it’s more than her beauty over the years that has made me a fan.  It’s the various interviews and articles where they shared her work ethic, aspirations, workouts, big booty appreciation, entrepreneurship, little to no alcohol consumption, relationship challenges and her resiliency when mocked and underestimated. Perhaps, it’s because these are things that I can relate to, her experiences were similar to my own  – I truly felt she was Jenny from MY block.  In the week following my watching it, I had a few conversations with women dealing with difficult situations, and struggling with self-belief – business owners, women launching projects and more  – and I found myself, without hesitation recommending that all of them watch The Greatest Story Never Told, and then This is Me … Now.  The Greatest Story Never Told follows JLo, her team, and her closest friends on the journey to making her musical. The background, behind-the-scenes story affects how you view the musical and your desire to see it succeed.

The Greatest Story Never Told brings you into an intimate, emotional landscape that encompasses vulnerability, self-belief, purpose, passion, heart, and dreams. It’s overcoming the media gatekeepers’ standards of public image and portrayal of what is real vs. appearing strong and perfect without dysfunction – dysfunction that one internalizes as shame.  These innermost thoughts, sensations and experiences often are reserved only for our closest family and friends. To show this publically shows strength in vulnerability and is relatable to many.

In her conversation with her close friend Jane Fonda, who has become protective and has some trepidation about her making this movie, Jennifer responds, “ I’m putting myself out there, but like I said, I don’t know how else to do it!  And she does it, she pushes forward knowing she is opening herself to more criticism.  My perspective on this relates to lessons learned over the years, they’re going to talk about you, criticize you, and even fabricate stuff when there is no stuff about you anyway, so you might as well do what you feel driven or called to do.

We are all affected by our childhood, our parents and our siblings. Jenny from the block is no different, her childhood family experiences made her work harder, which led her to earn track medals and to learn the impact of discipline on one’s life. That base, her growth and strength in self comes through when she is dealt a blow two weeks before the production of the movie is scheduled to begin.  

Of course, there is a little something about her love with Ben and the support he gives her; it’s honest, funny, kind and mature. The strains of being a working mother, and balancing the needs of her husband, children and her dreams take a toll just like many mothers out there. Her bonds in friendship, span decades – they got her back – they are protective, supportive and real.  

If you’re about astrology and the signs, well that’s another vulnerable, girly quality you share with JLo. And yes, I’m part of that club. Yes, I openly admit it! I know most of you reading this have some belief in it as well, even if you’re scared to admit it. Your secret is safe. JLo is no different, she admits to using it as a guide to find her perfect match, although she admits sometimes it led her to the wrong places. 

I cried. I cheered. And then I watched This is Me … Now. It had so much more meaning knowing of all that went into producing it…not the technical aspect but the human side, the fears, and the sacrifices. And in the end, it’s about self-love – sometimes it takes us living into our 50s to “truly” understand and feel it. She’s no longer Jenny from my block, she’s gained ground, she’s now a part of my tribe, my vibe. 


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